What are some success stories of the PCEC/Coaching?

Studying with us can be a life-changing experience!

What are some success stories of the PCEC/Coaching?

Read about the experiences of four participants

The Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching is above all things inspiring. It motivates you to take new paths and to leave the past behind you. Our students constantly confirm that the PCEC has been a life–changing experience for them, true for both their private as well as their professional lives. People develop new things in their everyday life that have never been there before, such as:

Andreas, one of our students, brought the way of working together in his workshop into his own company. From that moment on, he experienced a completely new, active way of working together. Andreas says about himself that he has become a much happier person and his closest circle of friends have told him that he has a new aura about him.

Anna was asked by her boss to introduce coaching into her complete company division. I will never forget the enthusiasm and joy in Anna’s face as she was telling me about it.

Reinhard implemented a book project together with 12 students. He always says that the PCEC helped him to recognise that changes in life always begin within ourselves and that its all about the love that we bring into our daily life – coaching provides the framework to do this in a respectful way that appreciates one other. Reinhard is convinced that it was the inspirations of the PCEC which helped him to achieve all this.

Imeyen, partner at one of the largest global management consulting companies, found a way to introduce coaching into management consulting. In this way he has been able to inspire and motivate countless influential people.

What is your ‘Why?’ Which questions and challenges are on your mind? And what do you want to bring into and change in your life? The PCEC offers the opportunity to figure this out. It supports you in the process of finding your answers by encouraging you to reflect in a safe and supportive atmosphere. You then learn how to coach, thereby making it possible for you to give other people an experience similar to your own.

Ragna Kirberg

Ragna Kirberg works as a coach and invites people to discover that solutions to challenging questions are available within themselves and can be brought up by taking time to reflect. She is responsible for and teaches the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching Programme and has been working for Henley Business School for six years.

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