Who benefits from Coaching?

Coaching has a greater impact than you might have expected!

Who benefits from Coaching?

Not only the coachee but also his environment!

It is primarily the coachee who benefits from coaching. The coachee’s issue is the central focus of a coaching session in which the issue is then either resolved or is significantly developed in the coachee’s consciousness. The coachee relaxes during the coaching session which enables insights that are simply not possible when uptight.

Personal Coaching – up to 100 people around you profit from a coaching session

This state often lasts for several days so that the coachee’s entire extended environment can also enjoy this relaxed mindset. It is said that each of us has around 100 people in our immediate vicinity who are influenced: our work colleagues, our family, people we meet on a daily basis in our everyday life or to whom we maintain contact via social media.

The coach also relaxes – otherwise, they could not do their job. The exchange with the coachee is usually also one that takes the coach further so that the coaching has an additional effect on the coach and his environment.

Business Coaching – according to the reach and scope of the decision …

Depending on the scope and the number of people involved, a business decision made in coaching can influence many more people. The difference it makes when a challenging decision is made in the company of a coach can hardly be described, it can only be experienced. Most successful companies today like Google or Amazon all rely on coaching. By filtering out a seemingly inexhaustible flood of data, Google found out what their exceptionally successful managers are doing within the organization: coaching! Nowadays, this is the new criterion for success.

Sustainability of decisions and interpersonal relationships

The next steps which are agreed in the coaching are normally implemented. The sustainability of a solution increases if it is accompanied by coaching. In this way, the environment of the coachee benefits not only from their relaxed mindset but also from a sustainable solution. Additionally, the attention, appreciation and respect that is experienced in a coaching session also have an effect on the behaviour of the coachee who becomes more attentive in dealing with other people and shows a noticeable development of personality.

Ragna Kirberg

Ragna Kirberg works as a coach and invites people to discover that solutions to challenging questions are available within themselves and can be brought up by taking time to reflect. She is responsible for and teaches the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching Programme and has been working for Henley Business School for six years.