Careers, Accreditation and Progression

As part of our Global Executive MBA programme, you’ll benefit from invaluable career, leadership and professional development. This includes:

  • Leveraging your strengths
  • Leading with gravitas
  • The art of negotiation
  • Managing change and uncertainty
  • Team work and intercultural dynamics
  • Maintaining and strengthening resilience
  • Improvisation and stand-up comedy

We also run additional professional development events to build your network, deepen your knowledge and help you achieve your career goals.

You’ll benefit from access to a qualified, experienced Executive Coach with whom you can discuss all aspects of your professional development.

You’ll also have access to a host of useful online resources, such as:

  • VMock – online CV building tool
  • Alumni Extra – webinar library covering a range of professional development topics
  • PayNegotiation – online training package

"What I have noticed with the students is that they realise they're somewhere special and that the content of the course reinforces that. The two work together; most students find the Personal Development module changes them. It makes them think in ways they haven't thought before and reflect on issues in ways they haven't done before."

Dr Anne Dibley, Programme Area Director - MBA Programmes.