Henley combines Business with People

The module 'Personal Development' makes this combination possible

We believe that, especially in managing and leadership, the personal side is just as important as the factual side! This is why we offer modules such as ‘Personal Development’ in our Executive MBA – Global programme: to ensure that Henley graduates also know how to learn from themselves and how to take care of their teams.

Coaching at Henley – the way to become a professional coach

Educate yourself further!

There are lots of benefits to profit from when you decide to do your PCEC at Henley. It is not only a triple-accredited training but also you will automatically become an alumnus of Henley after successfully finishing your PCEC, which will grant you access to free (or heavily discounted) webinars, seminars and further training.

Globally recognised reputation for the highest quality

Study with Henley and profit from our positive image!

Not only is Henley Business School constantly monitored by the British QAA, we also hold the 'Triple Crown' accreditation, giving us the honour of being amongst only few other top universities in the world. Ranking lists that focus on the students' opinions also list Henley Business School under the top 30 in Europe on a regular basis!

Expertise on demand

Students have the possibility to consult experts from all over the world

Being a Henley Executive MBA student bears numerous advantages and possibilities. On the one hand, you are being treated at eye level, resulting in a constantly evolving teaching approach based on feedback from the students. On the other hand, you always have full access to the Henley experts who will do their best to support you – even outside of the workshops.

The local and global Network

For students it is important to associate into social communities of local and global dimensions

When studying for the Henley Executive MBA - Global, you are not alone – on the contrary! Starting from the learning groups in which all kinds of academical and private topics can be discussed to the international workshops where experiences from different countries come together to the alumni network of almost 80,000 graduates, you will always find a helping hand.

What are some success stories of the PCEC/Coaching?

Read about the experiences of four participants

Andreas, Anna, Reinhard and Imeyen are only four of countless (PCEC) students for whom the time spent at Henley Business School was more than just studying. Their newly gathered experiences changed them as persons, opening up new possibilities in their careers and lives and influencing even more people!

News from the Campus – October Edition

We have taken advantage of having fewer workshops over the last two months to implement the necessary changes in our Munich campus to meet the new...

Receive Feedback

Learn more about the different feedback systems at the Henley Business School

Rather than relying solely on school grades, Henley's Executive MBA - Global programme comes with a very personal feedback system: By giving detailed information on how good they are in different areas, how important these areas are to them and helping them individually via coachings and workshops, we hope to bring forth good grades along with an even better personal development!

Director's Thoughts – October 2020

Returning to normal bit by bit

It is Back to School in October, also for Henley Business School. After the COVID-19 lockdown, Henley’s Greenlands campus invites students back into the class rooms, with highest hygiene standards in place. Furthermore, Henley in Germany is now fully set up for hybrid delivery of workshops and MasterClasses. In September, two events took place that put our investments into technology to the test: a coaching information evening and a Leadership MasterClass with Prof. Ben Laker. Read all about it in this month’s Director’s Thoughts.

Learning from the experiences of others

Experience exchange with faculty members, well-known guest speakers and through company visits

At Henley, not only do we ensure a balance between theory and practice, we encourage the students to exchange knowledge amongst one another. Combined with experienced guest speakers and company visits, the Executive MBA guarantees an ideal learning approach that relies on the combined, widespread experiences of all parties involved!

What distinguishes a programme with ICF certification from other programmes?

Learn more about the seal of quality for coaches

Since its introduction in 1998, the ICF certification is there to ensure highest quality in coaching. This is guaranteed by compliance to the 11 ICF core competencies such as ethical standards, active listening, powerful questions and a certain level of intimacy and trust with the coachee. All in all, the certification may be a door-opener to an exciting career!

An introduction to eco-coaching

What is so special about this trend?

This special type of coaching thrives on the deep connection between nature and man and uses it to empower it's participants physically, mentally and emotionally. If done correctly, eco-coaching provides not only a fresh alternative to regular coaching sessions but can also really help to bring the coachee further!

The Benefits of Theory can be seen in Practice

Most Henley courses include practice parts outside the classroom

Making our Executive MBA students apply their acquired knowledge to a company of choice through practical modules during studies has more than just one advantage: The students gain immediate practical experience and become visible throughout their companies, which in turn may take direct profit from their employee's actions!

How I became a more successful manager by getting to know myself

About the influence of reflective learning

Christoph Raudonat speaks about his experiences with the Henley coaching programme. He explains how it not only taught him how to coach others, but also how it made him reflect on himself. This, in turn, led to his very own personality development.

What would you advise a young professional to do before taking the next career step?

Stop and think: These are the most important considerations to be made

Advancing in your career can be a difficult step to make, especially if you erroneously feel the need to make this decision as quickly as possible. Figuring out for yourself which factors lead you to this situation and reflecting openly about it are some of the key elements of a healthy decision-making process.

Coaching at Henley – you are not alone

Read about the support you get in the PCEC programme

If you want to become a coach and give professional advice to other people around you, you first need to get to know yourself. While walking this path to self-discovery, every participant in the Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching benefits from the support of our experienced tutors!

Who benefits from Coaching?

Not only the coachee but also his environment!

After a coaching, what remains is the effect the coachee has on his or her environment: The coachee directly transfers his changed attitude to his vicinity, an experience that brings everyone – even the coach himself – forward and may change his or her way of looking at things!

Playing the Macroviolin – or how we learn and play from a deeper connection

What is it that helps us to connect with others to find solutions that are different and more sustainable from what we have achieved today? Find out here!

Managing People Workshop in Copenhagen – our review

Anne Dibley managed the Henley Workshop in Copenhagen from the UK. We asked her seven questions about this time.

Henley Workshop in times of Covid – our review

Director of Operations Thomas Kunze talks about the blended workshop

Thomas Kunze was on site at the workshop in Copenhagen and helped to support Henley's new method of blended learning. We asked him seven...

Director’s thoughts – September 2020

Strategies to remain resilient in challenging times

What can we do to remain resilient? One approach is that while we are in a crisis we must return to our values. Christoph Raudonat illustrates this with an exercise.

Online? Or would you prefer personal exchange?

Choose for yourself which option suits you best!

The past few months were challenging, but we also gained a lot of knowledge from it, for example in how to work productively from home. Henley wants to make use of this knowledge and offers future PCEC programmes on-site as well as online.

Director’s thoughts – August 2020

Summer at Henley Business School Germany

Stay tuned for the second half of 2020: There are some new programmes and events coming up while at the same time, we are full of anticipation about investing in start-ups and re-designing our website! We hope you can all enjoy your vacation in spite of the COVID-19 situation!

World top 25 for Executive MBA programme

This year's world ranking of EMBA programmes by the Economist shows the quality of Henley Business School: Our commitment to our students, high-level education and gender inclusion efforts results in the Executive MBA programme being placed no.3 in the UK and no.21 in the world!

In a competitive job market, it is vital that our MBA programme members are provided with an experience that helps with their chosen career path. Personal and professional development is a key area of focus on our global programme.

Henley Germany goes corporate: what we do for employers!

Read about our corporate support

If your company requires higher education for some employees, Henley Business School might be the perfect choice to educate them further. By sending two or more participants the sponsoring organisation gets a discount on the tuition fee. Additionally, the courses are flexible enough to be taught at the company's premises.

No first degree? No problem!

Only your management experience is relevant to your application for Henley's Master's programme!

Since Henley sets great store by practical experience, you can enter the MBA programme if you have at least 3 years of experience in management. This means that you don't require a Bachelor's degree to have access to our Master's programme!

We make your MBA studies our priority with flexibility!

Henley supports you in financing your studies in the way that suits you best

We believe that funding should not be the crux of education. For this reason, Henley offers tailored financial solutions and scholarships to its students! Make use of our discounts or let us advise you on how to fund your studies.

Early-bird rate ends on 31st July 2020 – apply now!

Apply now and benefit from our discount!

Our early bird rate also applies to the Henley EMBA Global programme, granting a quite valuable discount of €6.500 for anyone who registers before 31 July 2020! After successfully applying, you will still be given the choice whether to accept the place right away or to postpone your start and payment to the next intake.

Henley in world top 25 of executive education providers

We are delighted to see the FT Executive Education Ranking 2020 place Henley Business School in the world top 25 and UK top 5 for the combined ranking of open and closed programmes.

Published today, the ranking of participating business schools is recognised as a strong indicator of the quality of executive education provision because it is largely determined by client and participant ratings.

Henley places at no.24 in the world, no.16 in Europe and no.5 in the UK in the combined ranking which is based on programmes delivered in both our UK campus and overseas campuses in South Africa, Finland and Germany.

The direction of diversity for the future of LGBT+ in business

We are on the right track – but there is still more work to be done

Will Murray writes about what still has to be done in the sense of diversity in business: Despite the fact that we are heading in the right direction, LGBT+ people still fear discrimination. Companies should not only be open to diversity, but should include this credo into the heart of their culture in order to create a healthy and respectful work environment!

Director’s thoughts – Calendar Week 28

Why invest in studying in times of uncertainty?

The current COVID-19 crisis reveals the importance of stable, adaptable and resilient leaders who are able to steer through an ocean of uncertainty. For this reason, Henley Business School is working hard to enable a proper and affordable education for as many individuals as possible – now also in Hamburg! Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

Taking pride in their work

A portrait of several organisations and firms who show exemplary interaction with the LGBTQ+ community

Joshua Perretta reports about IKEA, Network rail, PayPal and Absolut, which all show commitment towards including LGBTQ+ people into their companies and society in general. The efforts range from participating in events such as IDAHOT or launching campaigns to simply supporting employees in being their true selves and raising international awareness about the remaining intolerance all over the world.

Inspiration – Why it is so powerful and what it can do for you

What is the link between inspiration and productivity?

Studies have shown that the productivity of employees that feel inspired about their work is several times higher than the output of productive or even engaged ones. In our Henley Reflection Community, you can learn how to encourage inspiration and thus make your company a more productive place!

Changing attitudes towards LGBT+ in the business world

What is the current situation and what is still to be done?

There are not many studies that analyse the situation of members of the LGBT+ community at the workplace. The results of these studies show that inclusion can only happen when networks address the difference between their members. In the future it is important that we leave the discourse of normal and embrace our true colours!

Director’s thoughts – Calendar Week 27

COVID-19 and our style of leadership

The COVID-era has begun and brought a lot of changes, which doesn't exclude the skills expected by a leader. Before such skills were: the ability to adapt fast, resilience, a high capacity for EQ, strategic mindedness, the ability to inspire and be a strong leader. In the future, it is important for a leader to let his company recover, so the top leader qualities may be to achieve financial stability and transformation.

Reflection and Coaching @ Henley

About the role of reflection in Henley's coaching programmes

It is proven that reflecting on a regular basis can be a powerful tool in order to work with a clearer focus and more productively. We offer you the possibility to attend our professional, guided reflection sessions with a modern learning approach so that you can gain deeper insights into your own issues and find a way to solve them!

25/26 June 2020: Henley in Hamburg

Three of our programmes are soon also available in Hamburg!

Before launching the three events PCEC, PGC in Leadership and EMBA Global in Hamburg later this and next year, Henley Business School and the Business Club Hamburg demonstrated the potential of our strong collaboration: The hybrid events 'Becoming the CEO of yourself' by Ole Petter Anfinsen and 'The Leader Coach' by Prof. Jonathan Passmore which were held in the past two days were a full success!

Director’s weekly thoughts – Calendar Week 26

Innovations at Henley Germany

Henley Business School is a pioneer in finding ways to connect the classroom to online experiences while still maintaining exceptional teaching quality. In this manner, some upcoming events will be available online as well as face to face. In addition, this year's international alumni meeting will be held online – stay tuned!

Director’s weekly thoughts – Calendar Week 25

Re-opening and plans for the summer

Henley Business School Germany is opening up again for the summer! Under strict health regulations, you can look forward to some new events to celebrate our collaboration with Business Club Hamburg. In addition to running many workshops and events online, we will help out the main campus in the UK by hosting events that are not possible there due to stricter COVID-19 regulations. Also keep an eye on our three new programmes starting at the end of 2020!

Innovation & Sustainability scholarship

What are the conditions of participation?

Fitting to our dedication to innovation and sustainability, Henley Business School offers a scholarship about this very area! If you work in one of these fields or would like to become an innovator, feel free to apply with a demonstration of your orientation towards this unique topic!

Women in Leadership scholarship

Find out what it takes for you to participate!

In accordance with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are happy to offer this scholarship, not only teaching how to improve as a leader but also what to do in order to promote inclusion in one's company or field of work. If you would like to attend this course, learn more about diversity and become part of our women in leadership network, send us a brief justification to show your dedication!

“Team Coaching and Competency Update” – a Podcast with Jonathan Passmore

What are the most important qualities of a coach?

According to Prof. Jonathan Passmore, psychologist and executive coach at Henley, doing something a lot doesn't necessarily helps you to become better quickly. This is why competent coaches are so important: to help reflecting about and supervise one's work so that in the end, real improvement evolves!

Our Faculty has scientific and practical knowledge

How did this balance evolve and what are its benefits?

Henley's bridge between theory and practice dates back a long time: After WWII, it was necessary to rebuild Britain's economy and at the same time create something lasting and sustainably for the future.
Several years lie between then and today – but what has remained is the combination of theoretical knowledge of over 150 faculty members with the managing experience of our teaching experts, creating the perfect learning environment for our students!

Executive MBA or MBA – everything in a nutshell

A summary of the relevant aspects

This is the fourth and last part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the differences between the EMBA and MBA. Only a small difference in the name can make a big difference for students. In general, it can be said that the Executive MBA is truly for experienced managers only.

Executive MBA or MBA – how do I profit from that?

Benefit from Henley's outstanding accreditation!

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. A good point of reference whether an MBA can push your career or not are the rankings and accreditation of the School you want to take your MBA or EMBA. Henley Business School has a triple accreditated MBA which is an honour that only few schools worldwide enjoy.

What makes a workshop with Jonathan Passmore unique?

Find inspiration in an unforced environment!

The whole learning process can be much more effective when we have fun doing it. Jonathan Passmore shares this view: In his always authentical, relaxed workshop sessions you feel appreciated and treated at eye level – a truly inspiring and fun experience you should not miss!

How relevant is coaching for the new generation?

The need for guidance in a rapidly moving world

Nowadays, we often feel the need to take quick decisions in order to keep track with the rapid changes we experience. One of the most successful methods to avoid that these decisions are the wrong ones is coaching: By getting external advise, we can suddenly get access to who we really are, become able to unlock our full potential and act properly!

Executive MBA or MBA – what should I consider?

Commitment to and costs of the programmes

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. Besides the costs, an often worried-about aspect is the required amount of commitment to the programmes. Especially the EMBA is designed in a way that makes it fit into your personal schedule: In this way, you are given the chance to directly apply your freshly acquired knowledge to your work!

Executive MBA or MBA – what is the difference?

Similarities and discrepancies of the two programmes

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. While the MBA really is a full-time programme for about a year, the Executive version takes longer, but can be studied part-time. This has the advantage that you can keep working actively and combine practice with theory – ideal for experienced executives!

What the Marketing Materials Don’t Tell You About an Executive MBA

To be able to focus on your work is easy on such a beautiful campus with other like-minded people

Laerke Maire Norn writes about what is so special about studying for an EMBA at Henley. Besides the beautiful Henley Greenlands campus and one of the kind study trips, what she misses most is the deep focus in late nights of writing assignments and, most importantly, the comradeship with the fellow students. The latter is what really counts: Long-lasting friendships and what you learn from them for life!

Considerations for studying an MBA

What is the value of an MBA in today's world?

An MBA fulfills many aspects that are important building blocks in modern business. On the one hand, it provides a broad knowledge which is highly applicable in the real world. On the other hand, it gives you a practical toolkit of approaches to management and business challenges. Furthermore, it must not be forgotten, that, especially in the Executive MBA programme, a focus lies on personal development.

MBA vs specialised Masters programmes

What do you really need?

The decision which Masters programme you should take is not easy and should not be taken rashly. A general MBA gives you a much more holistic view to the management of business, whereas a specialised Masters programme will certainly give you the insights you need in the area of your interests. Also, you should always remember that you will never have finished learning and at some point, you will have to invest in further education.

Henley Business School’s Centre for Coaching wins EMCC Coaching Award

The Centre for Coaching ist rewarded for its great contributions to the coaching industry

After an eventful year featuring the publishing of a Manifesto for Coaching Supervision, hosting world famous coach Marshall Goldsmith and establishing a National Coaching Resources Centre as well as new locations for the PCEC programme, the Henley Centre for Coaching has now been awarded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Coaching Award! Judges emphasized Henley's quality and excellence, honouring the Centre of Coaching with this certification of being an inspiring contibution to the industry.

Now available to Hanseatics: Henley programmes in Hamburg!

Partnership with Business Club Hamburg opens up new possibilites

From today on, you can be excited about Henley spreading its reach to the remarkable city of Hamburg! Together with the prestigious Business Club Hamburg, we are happy to announce three upcoming events and the introduction of our PCEC and Certificate in Leadership Courses, starting autumn 2020 to winter/spring 2021!