Leadership Gems – Episode 3

In today's episode we interview Dr Maria Ohisalo

Leadership Gems – Episode 3

A conversation with Maria Ohisalo

Leadership Gems is an interview series from the Henley Centre for Leadership that invites listeners to learn from people from across society about their involvement in leadership. Think leadership as a life!

We are delighted to share our third Leadership Gems – a conversation with Maria Ohisalo. Professor Claire Collins from Henley’s Centre for Leadership had an opportunity to sit down with Maria, Chair of the Green League and Minister of the Interior of Finland to talk about political leadership and her inspirations, fears and dreams.

Listen as Maria shares her experiences on

  • What encouraged her in her journey to becoming a political leader and how everyone can become a leader if they have the passion
  • The skills and tools needed for successful political leadership and learning to work with your opponents
  • Her legacy as the fist green Minister of the Interior in Finland and female leader
  • Expectations for women in leadership positions and advice for aspiring young female leaders
  • Future visions for leadership in a post-COVID world
  • How businesses are the key to tackling climate issues

“Leadership is something that you’re not born with. I think anybody can become a leader, it’s something that you practise and become better at if you wish to.”

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