What makes a workshop with Jonathan Passmore unique?

Find inspiration in an unforced environment!

The whole learning process can be much more effective when we have fun doing it. Jonathan Passmore shares this view: In his always authentical, relaxed workshop sessions you feel appreciated and treated at eye level – a truly inspiring and fun experience you should not miss!

How relevant is coaching for the new generation?

The need for guidance in a rapidly moving world

Nowadays, we often feel the need to take quick decisions in order to keep track with the rapid changes we experience. One of the most successful methods to avoid that these decisions are the wrong ones is coaching: By getting external advise, we can suddenly get access to who we really are, become able to unlock our full potential and act properly!

Executive MBA or MBA – what should I consider?

Commitment to and costs of the programmes

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. Besides the costs, an often worried-about aspect is the required amount of commitment to the programmes. Especially the EMBA is designed in a way that makes it fit into your personal schedule: In this way, you are given the chance to directly apply your freshly acquired knowledge to your work!

Executive MBA or MBA – what is the difference?

Similarities and discrepancies of the two programmes

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. While the MBA really is a full-time programme for about a year, the Executive version takes longer, but can be studied part-time. This has the advantage that you can keep working actively and combine practice with theory – ideal for experienced executives!

What the Marketing Materials Don’t Tell You About an Executive MBA

To be able to focus on your work is easy on such a beautiful campus with other like-minded people

Laerke Maire Norn writes about what is so special about studying for an EMBA at Henley. Besides the beautiful Henley Greenlands campus and one of the kind study trips, what she misses most is the deep focus in late nights of writing assignments and, most importantly, the comradeship with the fellow students. The latter is what really counts: Long-lasting friendships and what you learn from them for life!

Considerations for studying an MBA

What is the value of an MBA in today's world?

An MBA fulfills many aspects that are important building blocks in modern business. On the one hand, it provides a broad knowledge which is highly applicable in the real world. On the other hand, it gives you a practical toolkit of approaches to management and business challenges. Furthermore, it must not be forgotten, that, especially in the Executive MBA programme, a focus lies on personal development.

MBA vs specialised Masters programmes

What do you really need?

The decision which Masters programme you should take is not easy and should not be taken rashly. A general MBA gives you a much more holistic view to the management of business, whereas a specialised Masters programme will certainly give you the insights you need in the area of your interests. Also, you should always remember that you will never have finished learning and at some point, you will have to invest in further education.

Henley Business School’s Centre for Coaching wins EMCC Coaching Award

The Centre for Coaching ist rewarded for its great contributions to the coaching industry

After an eventful year featuring the publishing of a Manifesto for Coaching Supervision, hosting world famous coach Marshall Goldsmith and establishing a National Coaching Resources Centre as well as new locations for the PCEC programme, the Henley Centre for Coaching has now been awarded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Coaching Award! Judges emphasized Henley's quality and excellence, honouring the Centre of Coaching with this certification of being an inspiring contibution to the industry.

Now available to Hanseatics: Henley programmes in Hamburg!

Partnership with Business Club Hamburg opens up new possibilites

From today on, you can be excited about Henley spreading its reach to the remarkable city of Hamburg! Together with the prestigious Business Club Hamburg, we are happy to announce three upcoming events and the introduction of our PCEC and Certificate in Leadership Courses, starting autumn 2020 to winter/spring 2021!