What makes a workshop with Jonathan Passmore unique?

Jonathan Passmore presenting – always worth experiencing

What makes a workshop with Jonathan Passmore unique?

Find inspiration in an unforced environment!

Jonathan Passmore has a talent to inspire people. He inspires by giving an active, lively presentation of the situation which engages his listeners. Enriched with stories, his workshops are a source of inspiration. Jonathan enjoys getting other people excited about coaching and his enthusiasm is transferred to the participants.

Relaxed listening, joy and inspiration

When you experience Jonathon’s workshops it becomes clear that they are based on deep psychological knowledge. Jonathan knows how to present and deliver his messages. There is much laughter and you relax just listening to him.

For Jonathan, above all it’s about the objective observation of people and their behaviour and how we can generate completely new ideas through appreciative and respectful interaction with one another. The challenge of coping in a constantly changing world shows how important this skill is.

Todays executives accompany their employees to find their own solution

In the old days, it was knowledge and guidance that a manager brought with them, nowadays it is first and foremost the ability to accompany people to find their own solution and then to implement it. All of this happens in a playful way. Jonathan leaves his counterpart free choice and refrains from making any recommendations. His point of view is his point of view and anyone who wants to is invited to join it.

Authentic, at eye level and free of pressure

All of this happens without pressure and at eye level with the other person. Jonathan is calm in himself and is pleased when he receives approval without needing it. This makes him authentic and free and it is this freedom that is transferred to the participants. Learning is above all fun, and the joy and valuable suggestions make our everyday lives more vibrant and enriched.

Christoph Raudonat

Head of Henley Business School Germany