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We believe that funding should not be the crux of education. For this reason, Henley offers tailored financial solutions and scholarships to its students! Make use of our discounts or let us advise you on how to fund your studies.

Early-bird rate ends on 31st July 2020 – apply now!

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Our early bird rate also applies to the Henley EMBA Global programme, granting a quite valuable discount of €6.500 for anyone who registers before 31 July 2020! After successfully applying, you will still be given the choice whether to accept the place right away or to postpone your start and payment to the next intake.

FT Executive MBA Ranking 2020

We are delighted to see the FT Executive Education Ranking 2020 place Henley Business School in the world top 25 and UK top 5 for the combined ranking of open and closed programmes.

Published today, the ranking of participating business schools is recognised as a strong indicator of the quality of executive education provision because it is largely determined by client and participant ratings.

Henley places at no.24 in the world, no.16 in Europe and no.5 in the UK in the combined ranking which is based on programmes delivered in both our UK campus and overseas campuses in South Africa, Finland and Germany.

The direction of diversity for the future of LGBT+ in business

We are on the right track – but there is still more work to be done

Will Murray writes about what still has to be done in the sense of diversity in business: Despite the fact that we are heading in the right direction, LGBT+ people still fear discrimination. Companies should not only be open to diversity, but should include this credo into the heart of their culture in order to create a healthy and respectful work environment!

Director’s thoughts – Calendar Week 28

Why invest in studying in times of uncertainty?

The current COVID-19 crisis reveals the importance of stable, adaptable and resilient leaders who are able to steer through an ocean of uncertainty. For this reason, Henley Business School is working hard to enable a proper and affordable education for as many individuals as possible – now also in Hamburg! Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

Taking pride in their work

A portrait of several organisations and firms who show exemplary interaction with the LGBTQ+ community

Joshua Perretta reports about IKEA, Network rail, PayPal and Absolut, which all show commitment towards including LGBTQ+ people into their companies and society in general. The efforts range from participating in events such as IDAHOT or launching campaigns to simply supporting employees in being their true selves and raising international awareness about the remaining intolerance all over the world.

Inspiration – Why it is so powerful and what it can do for you

What is the link between inspiration and productivity?

Studies have shown that the productivity of employees that feel inspired about their work is several times higher than the output of productive or even engaged ones. In our Henley Reflection Community, you can learn how to encourage inspiration and thus make your company a more productive place!

Changing attitudes towards LGBT+ in the business world

What is the current situation and what is still to be done?

There are not many studies that analyse the situation of members of the LGBT+ community at the workplace. The results of these studies show that inclusion can only happen when networks address the difference between their members. In the future it is important that we leave the discourse of normal and embrace our true colours!

Director’s thoughts – Calendar Week 27

COVID-19 and our style of leadership

The COVID-era has begun and brought a lot of changes, which doesn't exclude the skills expected by a leader. Before such skills were: the ability to adapt fast, resilience, a high capacity for EQ, strategic mindedness, the ability to inspire and be a strong leader. In the future, it is important for a leader to let his company recover, so the top leader qualities may be to achieve financial stability and transformation.

Reflection and Coaching @ Henley

About the role of reflection in Henley's coaching programmes

It is proven that reflecting on a regular basis can be a powerful tool in order to work with a clearer focus and more productively. We offer you the possibility to attend our professional, guided reflection sessions with a modern learning approach so that you can gain deeper insights into your own issues and find a way to solve them!