Director’s weekly thoughts – Calendar Week 25

Re-opening and plans for the summer

Henley Business School Germany is opening up again for the summer! Under strict health regulations, you can look forward to some new events to celebrate our collaboration with Business Club Hamburg. In addition to running many workshops and events online, we will help out the main campus in the UK by hosting events that are not possible there due to stricter COVID-19 regulations. Also keep an eye on our three new programmes starting at the end of 2020!

Innovation & Sustainability scholarship

What are the conditions of participation?

Fitting to our dedication to innovation and sustainability, Henley Business School offers a scholarship about this very area! If you work in one of these fields or would like to become an innovator, feel free to apply with a demonstration of your orientation towards this unique topic!

Women in Leadership scholarship

Find out what it takes for you to participate!

In accordance with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are happy to offer this scholarship, not only teaching how to improve as a leader but also what to do in order to promote inclusion in one's company or field of work. If you would like to attend this course, learn more about diversity and become part of our women in leadership network, send us a brief justification to show your dedication!

“Team Coaching and Competency Update” – a Podcast with Jonathan Passmore

What are the most important qualities of a coach?

According to Prof. Jonathan Passmore, psychologist and executive coach at Henley, doing something a lot doesn't necessarily helps you to become better quickly. This is why competent coaches are so important: to help reflecting about and supervise one's work so that in the end, real improvement evolves!

Our Faculty has scientific and practical knowledge

How did this balance evolve and what are its benefits?

Henley's bridge between theory and practice dates back a long time: After WWII, it was necessary to rebuild Britain's economy and at the same time create something lasting and sustainably for the future.
Several years lie between then and today – but what has remained is the combination of theoretical knowledge of over 150 faculty members with the managing experience of our teaching experts, creating the perfect learning environment for our students!

Executive MBA or MBA – everything in a nutshell

A summary of the relevant aspects

This is the fourth and last part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the differences between the EMBA and MBA. Only a small difference in the name can make a big difference for students. In general, it can be said that the Executive MBA is truly for experienced managers only.

Executive MBA or MBA – how do I profit from that?

Benefit from Henley's outstanding accreditation!

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. A good point of reference whether an MBA can push your career or not are the rankings and accreditation of the School you want to take your MBA or EMBA. Henley Business School has a triple accreditated MBA which is an honour that only few schools worldwide enjoy.

What makes a workshop with Jonathan Passmore unique?

Find inspiration in an unforced environment!

The whole learning process can be much more effective when we have fun doing it. Jonathan Passmore shares this view: In his always authentical, relaxed workshop sessions you feel appreciated and treated at eye level – a truly inspiring and fun experience you should not miss!

How relevant is coaching for the new generation?

The need for guidance in a rapidly moving world

Nowadays, we often feel the need to take quick decisions in order to keep track with the rapid changes we experience. One of the most successful methods to avoid that these decisions are the wrong ones is coaching: By getting external advise, we can suddenly get access to who we really are, become able to unlock our full potential and act properly!

Executive MBA or MBA – what should I consider?

Commitment to and costs of the programmes

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the role an EMBA or MBA plays in your career. Besides the costs, an often worried-about aspect is the required amount of commitment to the programmes. Especially the EMBA is designed in a way that makes it fit into your personal schedule: In this way, you are given the chance to directly apply your freshly acquired knowledge to your work!

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