Inspiration – Why it is so powerful and what it can do for you

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Inspiration – Why it is so powerful and what it can do for you

What is the link between inspiration and productivity?

The effects of inspration

Inspired employees prefer to work for the company rather than satisfied and even engaged ones. But does it also make a difference in productivity and thus in the benefit of the company?
This is what Bain & Company investigated, where 300 senior executives from companies all over the world were asked to assess, based on their impressions of employee output, the relative productivity of dissatisfied, satisfied, engaged, and inspired employees.

The results were astonishing: If satisfied employees are productive at an index level of 100, then engaged employees produce at 144 and inspired employees score 225 on this scale.

In concrete terms, this can lead to the following situation: Let’s assume that an inspired employee is working for a company, one year later the company’s output is up to five times as high as from engaged employees, one more year later it can 11 times higher and after three additional years, the difference in output can be up to 25 times the reference amount with only productive employees.

How to increase inspiration

The study shows that inspiration is a valuable factor for the company – so how can it be encouraged?

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