What would you advise a young professional to do before taking the next career step?

Stop and think: These are the most important considerations to be made

Advancing in your career can be a difficult step to make, especially if you erroneously feel the need to make this decision as quickly as possible. Figuring out for yourself which factors lead you to this situation and reflecting openly about it are some of the key elements of a healthy decision-making process.

Coaching at Henley – you are not alone

Read about the support you get in the PCEC programme

If you want to become a coach and give professional advice to other people around you, you first need to get to know yourself. While walking this path to self-discovery, every participant in the Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching benefits from the support of our experienced tutors!

Playing the Macroviolin – or how we learn and play from a deeper connection

What is it that helps us to connect with others to find solutions that are different and more sustainable from what we have achieved today? Find out here!

Managing People Workshop in Copenhagen – our review

Anne Dibley managed the Henley Workshop in Copenhagen from the UK. We asked her seven questions about this time.

Henley Workshop in times of Covid – our review

Director of Operations Thomas Kunze talks about the blended workshop

Thomas Kunze was on site at the workshop in Copenhagen and helped to support Henley's new method of blended learning. We asked him seven...

Director’s thoughts – September 2020

Strategies to remain resilient in challenging times

What can we do to remain resilient? One approach is that while we are in a crisis we must return to our values. Christoph Raudonat illustrates this with an exercise.

Online? Or would you prefer personal exchange?

Choose for yourself which option suits you best!

The past few months were challenging, but we also gained a lot of knowledge from it, for example in how to work productively from home. Henley wants to make use of this knowledge and offers future PCEC programmes on-site as well as online.

Director’s thoughts – August 2020

Summer at Henley Business School Germany

Stay tuned for the second half of 2020: There are some new programmes and events coming up while at the same time, we are full of anticipation about investing in start-ups and re-designing our website! We hope you can all enjoy your vacation in spite of the COVID-19 situation!

World top 25 for Executive MBA programme

This year's world ranking of EMBA programmes by the Economist shows the quality of Henley Business School: Our commitment to our students, high-level education and gender inclusion efforts results in the Executive MBA programme being placed no.3 in the UK and no.21 in the world!

In a competitive job market, it is vital that our MBA programme members are provided with an experience that helps with their chosen career path. Personal and professional development is a key area of focus on our global programme.

Henley Germany goes corporate: what we do for employers!

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If your company requires higher education for some employees, Henley Business School might be the perfect choice to educate them further. By sending two or more participants the sponsoring organisation gets a discount on the tuition fee. Additionally, the courses are flexible enough to be taught at the company's premises.