Online? Or would you prefer personal exchange?

Henley provides you with new options for studying

Online? Or would you prefer personal exchange?

Choose for yourself which option suits you best!

Henley Business School offers training programmes that offer both ways simultaneously.

Every training course at Henley offers personal development – this usually involves learning together in a physical location. But what do you think of the possibility of being able to choose yourself whether you want to attend our workshops personally in Hamburg or rather online? For the first time we are running our Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching using a combination of these options – and of course you can continue to experience and enjoy the usual Henley quality!

We are continuously developing and are pleased to offer new opportunities in this new era. We are also looking forward to finding out how having this choice can help you.

We are all becoming more aware of the manner of learning

In the past few months, we have faced regulations which have made learning in our usual ways either challenging or impossible. During this time we have realised what constitutes a good learning experience – perhaps also because we are now so much more aware of basic things like a personal encounter, being together with family and with friends, or just a simple hug. This knowledge also makes it possible for us to make deeper, more honest and open learning possible in alternative ways!

At the current time, this way is online and it is exciting to explore how diverse the possibilities really are. Suddenly the office, living and garden room are moving surprisingly close to each other. Is this perhaps a sign of a new openness that can also be adopted into our future everyday life?

And yes, the paths we are discovering and on which we are embarking on our journey, are still in their beginnings, but they are slowly becoming wider and more diverse. The choice has always been inviting.

We want to use the knowledge from this time in your interest

Utilise this both challenging and enriching time to make something good happen. One of the most sustainable options is investing in yourself and engaging in lifelong learning is something enriching. For this reason, Henley Business School is providing the opportunity to hold the next intake for the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (PCEC) both on site in Hamburg as well as online.

Which form of learning do you prefer? We look forward to hearing your opinion and seeing your face at one of our future workshops – whether online or in person!