Playing the Macroviolin – or how we learn and play from a deeper connection

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Playing the Macroviolin – or how we learn and play from a deeper connection

The violinist Miha Pogacnik described his experiences: ‘Giving my first concert in Chartres, I felt that this cathedral wanted to get rid of me.’ ‘Go away’ it said. I was young and I played as always: I just played my violin. But then, I realised, there, you can’t play the small violin, you only can play the big one, the Macroviolin. The small violin is the instrument in your hand. The Macroviolin is the whole cathedral, that surrounds you. The cathedral in Chartres is wholly designed along with musical principles. To play the Macroviolin means, you listen and play from a different place. You listen and play out of what’s surrounding you. (Theorie U, C. Otto Scharmer, p. 218)

How can we learn and play from that different place? What is it that helps us to connect with others within that field to find solutions that are different and more sustainable from what we have achieved today?

Connect with your surroundings

One way is to learn how to coach. In coaching, we connect with the other person in a way that opens this different place. Of course, tools and techniques are helpful, but it is not the tools. It’s mainly that connection. If you are curious to experience that yourself, we invite you to our introduction event to the world of coaching on Wednesday evening, 9 September 2020, from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM online. Or come and join us on our Campus in Munich where we start at 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM. Please register here.

And yes, this all can be connected to a career in business. Dr. Matthias Weber, Henley MBA Alumnus who is just finishing his ‘Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching’ will share with you what he discovered for himself: 

'I arrived as a newcomer and left with confidence and skills to coach; definitely good investment time and money wise' 
Matthias Weber Director of Finance Hexal AG