Managing People Workshop in Copenhagen – our review

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Managing People Workshop in Copenhagen – our review

Anne Dibley managed the Henley Workshop from the UK. We asked her seven questions about this time.

Please note that this workshop has been conducted in Copenhagen in full compliance with Danish health regulations concerning the Covid-pandemic. Henley Business School is strictly following local regulations while offering its workshops and lectures.

How would you describe the changed workshop format?

The workshop had a hybrid, dual location format (Copenhagen and Buckinghamshire, UK), with an option to dial in via Zoom for students who could not attend either location. This was a great way of enabling most of the students to experience the Managing People workshop in a setting where they could enjoy face-to-face group work and networking. Presentations and discussion took place across both locations, with online participants equally involved, while highly engaging guest speakers also joined virtually.

How content are you about the joint session between the UK, Denmark, and students around the world at their home?

The technology worked brilliantly, and it was a great way of connecting everyone. Of course, the UK group could not have quite the same full Nordic experience as those in Copenhagen, but the UK group did benefit from staying in a tranquil location in the English countryside. I am delighted that we have had very positive feedback from all sides.

How did you experience the transitions between the different locations?

Each location had a full-time technician and cameraperson, so the transitions between the locations were pretty seamless.

As a lecturer yourself: what are the biggest challenges this style of teaching offers? (And how does Henley take advantage of them?).

As a lecturer, I get my energy from feedback in the room, whether visual (e.g. seeing people nodding or smiling) or verbal. So, the benefit of this format was that the tutors were presenting to a physical audience, as well as to a camera. This enhances the passion in the way the material is delivered, which benefits everyone, including those online.

What were the 3 biggest takeaways you had from this session?

  1. Technology really can connect people in amazing ways.
  2. With two (or more) locations, the experience at each venue will inevitably be unique. When people are physically present in different spaces, they are affected by the environment around them, so creating one, identical experience for everyone is not possible.
  3. I am now a pro at speedily sanitizing a microphone when passing it from one participant to another :)

What will Henley do differently in the next session to improve further?

I think it is important to be more aware of the different experience that will inevitably be created at each location: to make sure that the experience is consistent and integrated where it needs to be and to embrace differences where this makes sense.

What was your favorite moment during the days of the workshop?

My favourite moment was a Finnish group seamlessly presenting with team members in Copenhagen and online, while a UK colleague asked questions from the UK. That really epitomised for me a sense of whole group integration and single focus, across both physical locations and the internet.