European Perspectives

Regulation against stewardship

Governance innovation for Europe

‘AstraZeneca faces legal action’ ran a recent headline by the BBC World News – the company supposedly not...

European Perspectives

Meeting climate change commitments

In our latest European Perspectives Dr Stefan Schepers discusses taxonomies and the key challenges facing governments and institutions with ambitious climate targets.

AACSB accreditation renewed for five more years

Henley Business School has been re-accredited by the AACSB

We are delighted to announce that Henley Business School has been re-accredited for the next five years – the highest level of such recognition –...

European Perspectives

Towards a more assertive EU trade policy

What does the future of trade policy look like in the European Union after Britain's exit? Dr Stefan Schepers discusses in our latest European Perspectives.

Easter Message

Happy Easter

Dear Henley Friends, Clients and Alumni of Henley Business School in Germany

I am sure we all are looking forward to a few days off over the Easter...

European Perspectives

Brexit or the march of folly?

The decision to leave the EU was a democratic choice, but what impact could Brexit have on business – and what impact is it having already? Dr Stefan Schepers discusses in our latest European Perspectives.

Racism challenges in the royal palaces

Can we relate in our workplaces?

Dr Naeema Pasha reflects on the wider questions about racism posed by Harry and Meghan's Oprah interview.

Taking control of your own professionalisation

Part 2 – Learning to navigate

The second part of the coaching training was about getting to know, classifying, applying and reflecting on useful tools for coaching practice.

Finding your way in the coaching landscape

Similar to a view from the summit into the distance, there are landmarks that can be used to determine where...

European Perspectives

Decarbonising the power system

In the third article of our European Perspectives series, Professor Brian Scott-Quinn discusses the viability of decarbonising power generation systems in the pursuit of renewable energy targets.