Henley Germany Christmas Message

Director's Thoughts: December Edition

Merry Christmas from Henley Business School Germany.

Director's Thoughts

Dear Henley Community

This past year was different. As a first for...

How to Get Your Boss’s Job – and keep it

Leading Edge Podcast

How can you really be successful in climbing the career ladder? Do you need to play organisational politics or is it about developing both yourself and those around you – including your boss!

Henley combines Business with People

The module 'Personal Development' makes this combination possible

We believe that, especially in managing and leadership, the personal side is just as important as the factual side! This is why we offer modules such as ‘Personal Development’ in our Executive MBA – Global programme: to ensure that Henley graduates also know how to learn from themselves and how to take care of their teams.

Coaching at Henley – the way to become a professional coach

Educate yourself further!

There are lots of benefits to profit from when you decide to do your PCEC at Henley. It is not only a triple-accredited training but also you will automatically become an alumnus of Henley after successfully finishing your PCEC, which will grant you access to free (or heavily discounted) webinars, seminars and further training.

Globally recognised reputation for the highest quality

Study with Henley and profit from our positive image!

Not only is Henley Business School constantly monitored by the British QAA, we also hold the 'Triple Crown' accreditation, giving us the honour of being amongst only few other top universities in the world. Ranking lists that focus on the students' opinions also list Henley Business School under the top 30 in Europe on a regular basis!

Expertise on demand

Students have the possibility to consult experts from all over the world

Being a Henley Executive MBA student bears numerous advantages and possibilities. On the one hand, you are being treated at eye level, resulting in a constantly evolving teaching approach based on feedback from the students. On the other hand, you always have full access to the Henley experts who will do their best to support you – even outside of the workshops.

The local and global Network

For students it is important to associate into social communities of local and global dimensions

When studying for the Henley Executive MBA - Global, you are not alone – on the contrary! Starting from the learning groups in which all kinds of academical and private topics can be discussed to the international workshops where experiences from different countries come together to the alumni network of almost 80,000 graduates, you will always find a helping hand.

What are some success stories of the PCEC/Coaching?

Read about the experiences of four participants

Andreas, Anna, Reinhard and Imeyen are only four of countless (PCEC) students for whom the time spent at Henley Business School was more than just studying. Their newly gathered experiences changed them as persons, opening up new possibilities in their careers and lives and influencing even more people!

News from the Campus – October Edition

We have taken advantage of having fewer workshops over the last two months to implement the necessary changes in our Munich campus to meet the new...

Receive Feedback

Learn more about the different feedback systems at the Henley Business School

Rather than relying solely on school grades, Henley's Executive MBA - Global programme comes with a very personal feedback system: By giving detailed information on how good they are in different areas, how important these areas are to them and helping them individually via coachings and workshops, we hope to bring forth good grades along with an even better personal development!