European Perspectives

A new trade bloc in the making?

In the first article in our new European Perspectives series, Dr Stefan Schepers discusses the proposed partnership between the European Union and the African Union.

What are the requirements for successful (virtual) coaching in these times?

Impressions of a participant

PCEC participant Robert Schöne comments: To be able to coach and support others in these challenging times, not only special skills and methods are required. You also need a proper mindset and a certain something in order to really coach effectively.

Crisis: the mother of innovation

Leading Edge Podcast

Claire Hewitt talks about how we keep the creative juices flowing despite the pandemic. How do we think outside the ‘Zoom’ box and keep innovation going?

The Inclusion Trap: when being at the table's not enough

Leading Edge Podcast

Shaheena describes herself as a ‘disruptor with a purpose’. In this podcast she disrupts and reshapes some of our thinking about diversity.

What is it that makes the Henley Certificate in Executive Coaching special?

Impressions of a participant

Programme participant Robert Schöne shares his experiences: The PCEC thrives on the alternation between theory and practice, on critical self-reflection and a lot of training – all with the aim of helping and supporting others as you continue to learn.

European Perspectives

An introduction

A new monthly series of thought leadership articles will launch on our website this week. European Perspectives will see Henley academics share their insights on the latest developments in Europe.

Henley Germany Christmas Message

Director's Thoughts: December Edition

Merry Christmas from Henley Business School Germany.

Director's Thoughts

Dear Henley Community

This past year was different. As a first for...

How to Get Your Boss’s Job – and keep it

Leading Edge Podcast

How can you really be successful in climbing the career ladder? Do you need to play organisational politics or is it about developing both yourself and those around you – including your boss!

Henley combines Business with People

The module 'Personal Development' makes this combination possible

We believe that, especially in managing and leadership, the personal side is just as important as the factual side! This is why we offer modules such as ‘Personal Development’ in our Executive MBA – Global programme: to ensure that Henley graduates also know how to learn from themselves and how to take care of their teams.

Coaching at Henley – the way to become a professional coach

Educate yourself further!

There are lots of benefits to profit from when you decide to do your PCEC at Henley. It is not only a triple-accredited training but also you will automatically become an alumnus of Henley after successfully finishing your PCEC, which will grant you access to free (or heavily discounted) webinars, seminars and further training.