How relevant is coaching for the new generation?

Unleash your potential through coaching

How relevant is coaching for the new generation?

The need for guidance in a rapidly moving world

Today’s generation faces the challenge of a permanently changing world. Taking decisions out of the abundance of opportunities and making change happen costs us all a lot of strength and energy. Making wrong and unsustainable decisions is an inherent risk, so what helps to deal with this successfully?

Google wanted to know the answer and, by using their data-driven and scientifically proven statistical data approach, they found out what their most successful managers are doing: They are coaching.

Coaching helps us to reflect and uncover the untapped potential within us. Through the undivided, positive attention of another person we are able to achieve a calm state and it is only in this calm state of mind that we can learn and be creative. Suddenly we find access to ourselves again and see new chances and opportunities arise. Coaching and reflection are key factors in unlocking the potential in ourselves.

The most successful companies have now integrated coaching as an integral part of their corporate culture and many others are following suit. For the managers of today, coaching their employees is the critical success factor in their everyday work. For the companies that set store on coaching, the successes are visible in their business figures.