Who is it for?

Career level / job roles

  •  Senior executives, entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders across industries who need to make strategic decisions within a global business environment
  •  Those preparing for board-level positions within a company that operates in global markets
  • For executives who want to carry on working while studying

The Henley Executive MBA Global is designed to be manageable while you continue to work in a full time job. You will come to workshops primarily in our Munich campus every 6 weeks for an intensive three or four-day workshop (2 days of which are during the weekend) as part of your degree programme. Here you will interact directly with our faculty and industry speakers as well as working collaboratively with your peers.

Those who work while studying for their Henley Executive MBA – Global are able to give significant value back to their employers. The knowledge and skills you develop from our highly practical programme can be applied immediately in the workplace. Assessed assignments can be based on current issues, creating a valuable contribution to your organisation.

" The models and techniques we learned have given me a higher level of confidence to express my ideas in a variety of work scenarios, and I’m a much more innovative and thoughtful leader as a result."

Geoff Brockway, Head of Learning and Development, AstraZeneca.