What we can learn from game designers

About game design thinking

What we can learn from game designers

What we can learn from game designers

About game design thinking

Millions of people spend hours each day playing online games: Highly engaged and focused on results they develop their virtual characters, design elaborated strategies to prevent their virtual worlds from overwhelming threats, co-ordinate with each other to master complex challenges, and build amazing virtual empires while grinding their way through the levels of the game – having fun.

Simultaneously, the very same people struggle in their daily lives as managers and leaders, battling the beasts of bureaucracy, while advancing through levels of hierarchy and project gates – just to find themselves frustrated with their results, embittered with their peers, and often disengaged, stressed or even burned-out with their job.

At this event, Wolfgang Rathert, a Swiss entrepreneur, business game designer and university lecturer, will reveal some insights into game design thinking and on how to use it in the context of work, leadership, and organizational design. 

You will take away some new and productive perspectives on the concept of management, the role of leaders, and on what you should do to master the challenges of a complex world – and have fun doing so. Ragna Kirberg, Henley Director of Coaching and Reflective Leadership will guide you through the evening.

Please be aware that we have only limited seats available in our Campus due to the situation. The official programme lasts from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The Campus opens half an hour earlier to the start of the event.

Why, what, and how leaders can learn from game designers

Wolfgang Rathert will have a talk about game design thinking and on how to use it in the context of work.

Attendance mode:Online and at location
Location: Henley Business School Germany, Munich Campus & Online
Address: Maximilianstrasse 40 80539 München
Starts at: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 19:00
Duration: 120 minutes
Language: en
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