Discover the benefits of Reflection!

PCEC Reflection Session

Discover the benefits of Reflection!

Discover the benefits of Reflection!

PCEC Reflection Session

These times force us to (re)think about our values. No matter which challenge each of us faces, values are central and many of our challenging questions are similar. The answer to your challenge can most likely be found in yourself. To become aware of your answer, we invite you to our guided reflection sessions.

Feel inside yourself which topic is currently occupying you the most.

I’m looking forward to guide you through eight questions in 15 minutes. You are invited to write your answers down. Afterwards, you share what you want to share with two other participants, and you are invited to listen carefully to what they would like to share with you. At the end of our session, the whole group will work together non-judgemental and non-prescriptive to make visible what this coaching and reflection session has brought to all of us. Perhaps you will learn something for yourself from the other participants.

My name is Ragna Kirberg and I’m available for your questions:

Please find the dates below:

Monday 26.10.2020 11:30
Thursday 19.11.2020 11:00 

Please choose all dates you want to participate at in the form below so we can prepare ourselves accordingly.

How does Reflection support you? Find out in our Reflection Session!

A guided reflection session to become more aware of yourself.

Attendance mode:At location
Location: Online
Address: Maximilianstrasse 40 80539 München
Starts at: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 11:30
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: en
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