The Henley Conference on Coaching and Leadership: THE LEADING COACH / THE COACHING LEADER


The Henley Conference on Coaching and Leadership: THE LEADING COACH / THE COACHING LEADER

The Henley Conference on Coaching and Leadership: THE LEADING COACH / THE COACHING LEADER

What is it all about?

The conference programme aims to inform and engage interactively with the audience to build skills and develop global coaching practice for professional coaches. Linking up with contemporary leadership research the conference explores the interface between organisational leadership and coaching approaches for mutually beneficial results up to governance levels.

Organisational leadership and executive coaching are becoming increasingly interlinked. Executive coaching practice is becoming an ever-stronger mechanism to support organisational leadership and many organisational leaders are themselves becoming executive coaches to embed coaching practice in their organisations’ cultures. What are the effects on organisational energies, interpersonal relationships at work and personal awareness and mastery overall? At this conference, our speakers explore the future of leadership and the future of coaching in parallel to seek out mutual benefits for individual leadership approaches as well as beneficial effects on governance of organisations at the highest level.

Why should I attend?

This conference is for all that are interested to learn and exchange about the future of executive coaching, scientific developments of the practice, as well as about the coach/client relationship, its myths and benefits. Framing the discussion with contemporary leadership approaches, the effects of executive development on organisational governance and performance will round up the theme for the day, and we will leave with a sense of direction and purpose, and hopefully a few new connections to our professional and personal networks.

Who will be speaking?

The Henley Coaching Conference 2021 in Germany is proud to present a first-class line up of accomplished and engaging speakers. So far confirmed are:


What will we be addressing?

Our speakers will share their knowledge and skills in many areas of coaching and leadership with the audience. Topics are wide-ranging and include: 

  • The future of the coaching profession in Europe and beyond
  • Executives, leadership and coaching
  • Organisational energies and the future of leadership
  • Governance and leaders as role models for optimal performance
  • Systemic coaching and its benefits
  • Solution-focused coaching
  • Insights into coaching research

What can I (or my organisation) do to support this event?

If you, or your organisation, are interested, the conference has a range of support opportunities available. From sending delegates to our beautiful venue at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, to direct sponsorship to support the budget of the event. Contact us for further information and download our sponsorship brochure below.


What is the next step?

Delegates, please register here.

Supporters, please download our sponsorship brochure and contact us for your engagement.


We look forward to seeing you all in numbers on 30th September in Frankfurt!

Attendance mode:At location
Location: Klassikstadt Events & Conference
Address: Orber Straße 4a, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Starts at: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 08:30
Duration: 600 minutes
Language: en
Price: €229.00
Price range: €229.00 - €349.00