The Henley Coaching Conference

Coaching Leadership – Defining Executive Coaching

The Henley Coaching Conference

The Henley Coaching Conference

Coaching Leadership – Defining Executive Coaching

What is it all about?

The conference programme aims to inform and engage interactively with the audience to build skills and develop global coaching practice for professional coaches. Linking up with contemporary leadership research the conference explores the interface between organisational leadership and coaching approaches for mutually beneficial results up to governance levels.

Organisational leadership and executive coaching are becoming increasingly interlinked. Executive coaching practice is becoming an ever-stronger mechanism to support organisational leadership and many organisational leaders are themselves becoming executive coaches to embed coaching practice in their organisations’ cultures.

In an engaging format, the Henley Coaching Conference takes a deep dive into Executive Coaching in practice. The impressive line-up of speakers coming from both academia and practice will guide the audience through a day filled with hardcore evidence-based research data and accounts from personal experience to answer what ‘Executive Coaching’ is, what executives really need, and why they should be coached by you.

The focused and interactive sessions will take the global audience onto a journey linking these three questions. Defining the concept of ‘Executive Coaching’ we explore what leadership and leadership coaching truly need. Building effective client relationships at executive and boardroom level require experience, skills and courage. Learn from experienced coaching practitioners and executive advisors what your clients are looking for to become more effective leaders to their organisations, and how you can become more effective in your coaching practice to offer value at the highest organizational level.

Why should I attend?

If you are coaching leadership professionals, executives and board members or are looking to expand your client base then you must attend this conference. This conference is for all that are interested to learn and exchange about the future of executive coaching, scientific developments of the practice, as well as about the coach/client relationship, its myths and benefits. Framing the discussion with contemporary leadership approaches, the effects of executive development on organisational governance and performance will round up the theme for the day, and we will leave with a sense of direction and purpose, and hopefully a few new connections to our professional and personal networks.

Session order:

The Henley Coaching Conference 2021 in Germany is proud to present a first-class line up of accomplished and engaging speakers.

  1. 'Framing "Executive Coaching" – more science and evidence for better practise' – Prof. Siegfried Greif, University of Osnabruck
  2. 'Coaching in Europe: trends and approaches in the new world of work' – Dr. Carsten Schermuly, SRH Hochschulen
  3. 'Leadership is nothing but a bunch of talk – is the concept of leadership overrated?' – Kirsten Dierolf, president ICF Germany
  4. 'What Boards need – leadership capability development at the highest organisational level' – Prof. Andrew Kakabadse, Henley Business School
  5. 'New forms of collaboration: online, onsite, hybrid workplaces and their need for new approaches to executive development' – Dr. Stephan Dahl, New University of Lisbon
  6. 'Organisational Energies – Leadership capabilites for the greater good' – Prof. Bernd Vogel, director Henley Centre for Leadership, Henley Business School
  7. 'Meeting the clients' needs – the effective toolkit for the modern executive coach' – tbc
  8. 'Self-awareness: why should anyone be coached by you?' – Julia Carden


What is the next step?

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Henley Coaching Conference: Coaching Leadership - Defining Executive Coaching
Attendance mode:Online
Starts at: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 08:30
Duration: 600 minutes
Language: en
Price: €25.00
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