Energise your Leadership

In dramatic Times - Learning Leadership

Energise your Leadership

Energise your Leadership

In dramatic Times - Learning Leadership

Pandemics, political uncertainties, environmental implications, it might seem that the concept of leadership and its development have never before been challenged to such a degree. Arguably, we are at a turning point towards a new era in how we do business and lead the way towards a sustainable future. We will use three sessions as an opportunity to look at some of the leadership lessons learned from the current situation and explore how we can make a positive change in all our spheres of life.

One challenge many organizations are currently facing is to evaluate if their workforce is energised and how we keep employees and managers energised in a healthy way through a long and demanding business period. The session shares tools to understand the shared energy of organizations, units, and teams and how this energy evolves over time as strong factor for heathy and ongoing high performance.

Leadership series - Energising leadership for sustained performance
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Starts at: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 09:00
Duration: 60 minutes
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Bernd Vogel

Professor Bernd Vogel is Director of the Henley Centre for Leadership. He helps organisations with his expertise in leadership for creating and sustaining organisational energy, energising management teams, developing inspiring and purposeful leadership and fellowship, and leading change. He teaches the Leadership and Change module in the MBA Programme, is involved in the new programme the Henley MA Leadership and is Module Convenor for "Leadership Theory and Practice" in Postgraduate Masters Programmes.


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