Executive Coaching – More Science and Evidence for better Practice

Listen to Prof. Siegfried Greif at the
Henley Coaching Conference next month!

Executive Coaching – More Science and Evidence for better Practice

The Henley Coaching Conference – Session by Prof. Siegfried Greif

Prof siegfried greif

Soon the Henley Coaching Conference will take place where you can hear many speakers talking about different aspects of coaching. One of those speakers is Prof. Siegfried Greif. He is a passionate coach and coaching researcher who builds bridges between practice and science. He is a member of the German Psychological Society, the German Coaching Federation (DBVC) and on the Board of the Scientific Advisory Council of The Institute of Coaching (IoC) associated with Harvard Medical School, USA. He teaches coaching at different Universities and conducts coachings for practitioners. The major fields of his research are coaching, stress at work and change management. He has authored and edited 20 books and published numerous book chapters and articles in German and English, especially on coaching, change management, stress at work and evaluation instruments (see his publications on ResearchGate).

During the Conference he will talk about executive coaching and the science behind it.

You want to attend this session if you want to know whether there are current findings in science that are useful for your executive coaching practice and where you can get quick information. The people we meet in coaching and the themes are as varied and interesting as life. We need inspiration from multiple fields of research and from scientists of many disciplines. To this end, we have enlisted recognized scientists and coaches from many countries to write more than 70 short articles (10 pages) for coaches on current key concepts. They cover classic concepts, such as goals in coaching or leadership coaching, but also newer ones, such as brain-focused coaching, mentalization or innovative methods such as Motivational Interviewing. Several contributions deal with future challenges, such as AI tools in coaching or sustainability. The future of coaching will most certainly be shaped by a better scientific foundation.’ It is time for a change to post-traditional coaching which overcomes old roles and methods by open minds and learns from scientific innovation. 

  • Why should you attend this session?
    You should attend if you want to use current scientific findings to improve your executive coaching and want to know where to find short introductions by top international experts. 

  • What will you take away from this talk?
    Inspiration through the wealth of scientific knowledge, important impulses for reflection and enrichment of professional practice.  

  • What should you expect from the session by Siegfried Greif?
    A vision of how bridges can be built between science and practice, and how in this way we can sustainably bring traditional roles and methods in coaching into innovative movement.

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