Corporate Programmes
Corporate Programmes

Corporate Programmes

We believe success in business takes an understanding of more than just business. It requires a wider perspective and an ability to see the bigger picture.

A deep understanding of our world and cultural differences enables us to communicate, forge relationships and do business around the globe.

It comes from absorbing the wisdom of some of the world’s foremost business academics and practitioners then applying it at the sharp end of business.

It comes from working with a truly international organisation respected around the globe. A business school that numbers some of the world’s most successful business leaders amongst its faculty and alumni.


Henley Corporate Custom Programmes and Partnerships in Germany

Since its inception, Henley Business School is famous for developing the leaders of the future via a state-of-the-art personalised development approach. Henley works internationally with many medium and large size organisations, helping them with their education and development needs. This takes place across a variety of levels and technical functions ranging from senior leaders to high potentials and functional experts.

  • We specialise in developing programmes with interdisciplinary elements that accurately reflect the way global organisations work

  • We develop rich solutions that draw on our breath and depth of research and proprietary intellectual property

  • We draw inspiration from our connection with the University of Reading and Henley Business School’s 14 research centres

  • We understand the world is moving at a faster pace

  • We recognise that given the pace of change organisations face, individuals must adapt quickly to challenges that require a new set of skills and behaviours to thrive and succeed

  • We deliver with a practitioner focus, weaving our expertise into crafted solutions that allow business leaders to do their jobs more effectively.

Customised programmes

Henley Business School in Germany offers bespoke education solutions in the following areas:

  • Personal Development – educate your managers to become leaders with integrity and authenticity

  • Strategy, Change and Transformation – building a culture of effective and non-confrontational communication, identify and leverage existing strengths and educate your managers to create and execute appropriate strategies for organisational change

  • Leadership Development – educate your next generation of senior leaders to lead with confidence and skill - includes bespoke executive coaching and personalised guidance to leadership excellence

Each of these directions involves a variety of approaches, tailored to your organisational needs and delivered by our world-class faculty in-house or at one of our campuses in Munich, Hamburg or Henley-on-Thames, UK

Elements often addressed in our custom programmes

  • Sustainable Leadership Resilience

  • Leadership with Innovation

  • Strategic and Tactical Leadership Capability Development

  • Personal and Mental Fitness (managing physiological and psychological impacts of stress, paired with lifestyle consulting)

  • Executive Coaching

  • Communication Coaching

  • Time, Space and Permission to Think

  • Community-building

  • Risk, Reputation and Responsibility

  • People, Products, Processes and Systems for a Sustainable Future

  • Leading with Confidence, Integrity and Authenticity

Coaching programmes and senior leadership practice

In addition to customised solutions, Henley Business School in Germany offers corporate partners the opportunity to send their up-and-coming talents as well as senior executives to attend our existing international programmes in Germany.

As a partner of Henley Business School you will enjoy the folowing benefits:

  • Being part of an international business network

  • Offering your high-potentials the opportunity to grow within a truly internationally-minded business school that is academically rigorous as well as firmly embedded in practical applicability

  • Talent that is being educated and trained to help you stay at the forefront of business and management

  • Show-casing you and your organisation to other talents from within our intakes as part of arranged company visits and showcases

Possibilities exist to buy out an entire intake (8 participants or more) for a bespoke programme for your organisation e.g. for our 9-month executive coaching certification as well as our certification programme for senior leaders.

We look forward to helping you achieve your business and management goals.

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Dr. Thomas Kunze

Director of Operations Henley Business School Germany