Dilek Schein

CIO Bayer de México

"What I learned on the programme was crucial to my new role as a country CIO and in establishing IT as an essential company function. The programme’s broad scope helped me set up my new organisation in alignment with the business strategy. The personal development modules were important in strengthening my leadership skills. I also gained useful insights into how to manage organisational change while at the same time establishing IT as a business-enabling rather than purely a service function."  

Dr Karsten Schweichhart

VP Enterprise Architecture, Deutsche Telekom

"The EA [enterprise architecture] discipline is the key to mastering today’s complexity in IT and, more importantly, business. Most large companies struggle with the conflict of historically grown complexity in today’s fast changing world. Good EA practice is the key to winning this competition. The Strategy & Enterprise Architecture programme addresses the core point: business and IT viewed and managed in common."