Reflection and Coaching @ Henley

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Reflection and Coaching @ Henley

About the role of reflection in Henley's coaching programmes

As part of our commitment to our community, as well as to inform aspiring coaches and those interested to experience what coaching could do for them, Henley Business School in Germany organizes regular reflection sessions online.

Reflecting on some of life’s issues has proven to be helpful in identifying solution-finding processes at a deeply personal level. Several studies have shown the value of only a few minutes of reflection a day to increase productivity and focus.

Henley Germany is one of the front runners in delivering its content online and we have worked out an efficient way to combine the tranquility and privacy of coaching with state-of-the-art technology to support a seamless delivery. This blended learning approach has enabled Henley in Germany to deliver its sessions also from Hamburg in the last week of June this year, instead of being tied to any particular location. In the future therefore, Henley Germany will be delivering all of its sessions with a combination of on-site, as well as online participation, allowing for more flexibility for everyone while not missing out on any of the quality our customers and programme members are used to.

It is that easy: simply sign up to our reflection sessions on our homepage on – the sessions take place in german and in english. You will receive all the necessary login data and can download a calendar reminder as well. Then simply join our session and let yourself be guided by our experienced coach through a series of reflective questions, exploring an issue personal to you for yourself. At the end of the session you will have gained deeper insights into that issue and, possibly, have found a possible path to managing it. All this takes place in a safe and secure environment, free from assumptions and judgment: the Henley way.