“Team Coaching and Competency Update” – a Podcast with Jonathan Passmore

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The competencies of an executive coach and team coach

“Team Coaching and Competency Update” – a Podcast with Jonathan Passmore

What are the most important qualities of a coach?

Jonathan Passmore is a professor of coaching and director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change.

As a chartered psychologist he is interested in helping clients make changes in their behaviour and improve their performance at work. Over the past two decades Jonathan has worked as an executive coach and educator with hundreds of leaders and managers, from senior politicians to board directors, and from employees looking to return to work as a result of stress related absence to helping individuals achieve the right balance for their lives. In our podcast Jonathan speaks about the new ICF competencies, the focus on a more systemic view of coaching.

He talks about the competencies of an executive coach and team coach. Jonathan Passmore: "And one of the things that I’ve been very challenged of in terms of the previous competency framework was over-focusing on simply completing a number of hours of practice and believing that by doing hours of practice, we get better. And clearly, there is a relationship that the more I do things the more I’m likely to improve, but I’m likely to improve more quickly when I reflect on my practice and think in a critical way. […] Supervision can be an important part, not the only part but an important part of developing this reflective practice that I think should be an integral part of what all coaches do day to day, week to week!”

Jonathan Passmore

Professor Jonathan Passmore leads the Henley Centre for Coaching. He is a chartered psychologist and holds five degrees, including an MBA and a doctorate in occupational psychology, as well as a post-graduate certificate in coaching and two professional qualifications. Jonathan is programme director for the PCiC and PCiS programmes and is Professor of Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.


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