Executive MBA or MBA – how do I profit from that?

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The profits of EMBA and MBA

Executive MBA or MBA – how do I profit from that?

Benefit from Henley's outstanding accreditation!

This is the third part of a mini-series in which we take a closer look at the Executive MBA and MBA. After having shown the differences between the programmes and what to consider when studying the EMBA, we now come to the question of what role such a programme will play in your career.

What are rankings and accreditation?

Rankings for EMBAs and MBAs follow separate criteria. Usually, schools are ranked by their MBA programmes and often the EMBAs follow those rankings. For smaller schools, rankings can be problematic as the size of intakes in part determines the position on the list. It is an easy calculation: the larger the intake, the higher the ranking. Henley Business School is a boutique school when it comes to their Executive MBA programme as we keep intake sizes intimate for each and every participant to enjoy as personalized tuition at highest quality standards.

What is more important, the triple accreditation of the Henley MBA is an honour that only few schools worldwide enjoy. The accreditation is a direct reflection of the quality of the programme and year after year, the Henley MBAs enjoy the ‘triple crown’.

The alumni network is another important factor to look at. If your network has a more international outlook and focus (or in case it should have), then Henley is your school! The Henley alumni network is an active, large, international network of over 80.000 professionals. We connect our alumni through regular international events, local events organized by the regional chapters and over our very own Henley Live platform.

Next week we will make a summary of the most important points in the series and our conclusion on the differences between MBA and EMBA. For any further questions and information, please contact Christoph.Raudonat@henleybschool.de

Christoph Raudonat

Head of Henley Business School Germany