Expertise on demand

Feel free to ask for advise from our experts

Expertise on demand

Students have the possibility to consult experts from all over the world

For many students, the Henley Executive MBA differs from previous studies in that it covers a wide range of topics that are of both personal and professional interest. They constantly discover new things that they can use. Many also want to make use of having access to the experts and this is specifically intended!

The workshops are designed in such a way that exchange takes place at eye level and that the students can contribute their topics and questions. The faculty is happy to learn from this and to expand its wealth of experience which is then of benefit to students at the other Henley locations worldwide. In this way, the experience of a telecommunications company in South Africa can help a student from an engineering company in Düsseldorf. It goes without saying that the Henley experts in the workshops support students in finding a suitable topic for their practical project.

But access to the faculty doesn’t end there. Even after the workshop, the Henley experts can still be reached using various digital media. The students receive feedback and support with questions and challenges and, every now and again, these contacts develop into larger projects, in which a Henley expert works with the student and his company on a current issue.

Felix Müller – edited by Christoph Raudonat