The local and global Network

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With the Henley EMBA Global comes a huge network of people

The local and global Network

For students it is important to associate into social communities of local and global dimensions

At the start of the Executive MBA, every student becomes a member of a diverse network of smaller and larger units.

The smallest unit is the learning teams. They serve as self-help units to connect the students between the workshops so that they can support each other. In these regular, mostly virtual meetings, all kinds of topics are discussed in a safe space, ranging from the status of the practical work to academic questions about the module and professional and private challenges. Over time, deep, trusting relationships develop and you get to know each other well. In the support system of the Henley Executive MBA, the learning team has the role of a feeler. In the meetings, it becomes obvious when someone misses the connection, and it is the task of each student to record it, to address it and, if necessary, to propose the involvement of the academic tutor. This is how the students take care of each other so that everyone achieves the goal: graduation on the Henley campus in Great Britain.

The next largest unit is the intake at programme and campus level. The Henley Executive MBA is carried out jointly by the Henley locations in Great Britain, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Some of the workshops take place with a mixed group from all four countries, creating a very international mix. In these workshops, the learning teams are mixed over the locations in order to enable the greatest possible diversity. In addition, there are the campus workshops that take place in a smaller group in Munich and the other campus locations. The more intimate environment is then used to work together from a more German perspective. The mix of large and small, European and local groups creates a special dynamic that also shapes today’s business life: You are a member of various teams that meet in person from time to time and work virtually in between.

The largest unit in the Henley Executive MBA is the alumni network consisting of almost 80,000 graduates of Henley programmes worldwide, of which over 2,000 live in Germany. From day 1 of the course, students are members of the alumni network. Via the Henley Live platform, they can connect with alumni, seek expertise worldwide or take part in events in distant locations when they are travelling. As all members of the alumni network know the Henley feeling from their own studies, they are open to inquiries from other alumni. The Henley experience creates the basis for a trusting relationship.

Accordingly, the students of the Henley Executive MBA have a network that accompanies them for a lifetime.

Felix Müller – edited by Christoph Raudonat