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We believe in individual feedback more than in grades!

Receive Feedback

Learn more about the different feedback systems at the Henley Business School

Feedback is a central part of life. In the education sector, grades are the classic feedback system so that you know how ‘good’ you are. This quantitative feedback system works best when performance is measured against hard criteria and there is little room for interpretation and different approaches. However, the situation in management and leadership is often less clear. From strategy to operational implementation, there are many possible options and each situation is different depending on the context. In today’s world, this is reinforced by the fact that rules which are supposedly carved in stone are being simply washed away by so-called ‘disruptors’. Henley has therefore installed several feedback systems in the Executive MBA, giving the students indicators from different perspectives.

This begins with the feedback on the regular practical project assignments. This is graded (after all, we belong to the world of university programmes), but on the practical application, there is also written feedback by a member of the Henley Faculty. Students receive feedback on the meaningfulness and use of the selected models, theories and methods, as well as the logical derivation of conclusions and recommendations. They are given further ideas about what they could do in addition, and it is explained how stringently and understandably they have presented their considerations. The latter in particular helps them to formulate complex issues in an understandable and targeted manner in the company context. This feedback allows the students to complete the topic of the practical project and to take the necessary steps to be able to sort it into their management toolbox – they know how good they are in the topic and how important it is to them.

This expert feedback is supplemented with feedback from the ‘Personal Development’ workshops and coaching sessions. This consists of a mixture of psychometric tools, self-reflection and reflection by the coaches. Here, the students get to know themselves better and can process the feedback in a safe space with the help of the experts, develop new approaches and test and use this new feedback for their own further personal development.

Christoph Raudonat

Head of Henley Business School Germany