How I became a more successful manager by getting to know myself

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The PCEC programme can have a great impact on your career and even on yourself as a person

How I became a more successful manager by getting to know myself

About the influence of reflective learning

Right from the start, due to its reflective nature, the Henley coaching programme had a strong influence on the way I communicate with others, helped me make more informed decisions and influenced the interesting conversations I have with people who work in completely different areas from mine. The PCEC brings you back to what really matters in professional life: focus and getting to know yourself better so that you can respond to others in a more authentic way.

From the very first minute, the manner in which the learning material is conveyed via open discussion enables all participants to experience integrity and authenticity. Viewing the individual coaching techniques from all sides – as a coach, coachee and an observer – not only requires discipline and motivation to confront your personal preferences but also opens your eyes to how others could perceive you. This, in turn, contributes to the reflection of your own person and thus to the learning process and your very own personality development.

As an experienced manager with 20 years of work experience, I thought I knew ‘every trick in the book’ but the PCEC programme re-opened my eyes. There was a lot to rediscover – things I had learned but pushed to the back of my mind in the course of time. Relearning these things later in my career brought about what had always been missing before to make me a ‘complete manager’. The Henley coaching programme not only gave me a further qualification as an executive coach, a mainstay that I can fall back on in future, but it also opened my eyes to my role as Managing Director – both entrepreneur and manager of real human beings. My training as a coach rounded off all my previous skills and without it, I would not have come as far in my career as I am today.

Christoph Raudonat

Head of Henley Business School Germany