How to Unleash Your Inner Coach


How to Unleash Your Inner Coach

Leading Edge Podcast

Jonathan describes how coaching can allow us to move away from ‘directive’ leadership and make way for individuals to express their creativity and resourcefulness. He explains that executive coaching is a universal tool to support people across organisations to help them develop and he discusses the additional challenges when you must carry out coaching conversations online.

Listen to Jonathan’s episode to hear him discuss these topics:

  • Looking beyond someone’s skill set – what are their values and aims?
  • The role of silence in the workplace
  • Coaching as a decision-making tool
“The role of silence is underplayed in the workplace. We think that we sometimes need to speak to persuade to influence. Others want us to demonstrate that we have listened” Professor Jonathan Passmore

What will Jonathan continue to do after the pandemic ends?

  • Use digital platforms more frequently – many benefits of connecting digitally.
  • Walking every day – even half an hour at lunchtime, less likely to see an afternoon dip in productivity.
  • Setting himself a series of objectives each month.

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Jonathan Passmore

Professor Jonathan Passmore is a Professor of Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School and leads the Henley Centre for Coaching.

Jonathan is a chartered psychologist with five degrees, including an MBA and a doctorate in occupational psychology. He also has a postgraduate certificate in coaching and two professional qualifications. His doctoral thesis focused on coaching relationships and behaviours. His research interests include coaching supervision and ethics, coaching neuroscience, coach impact evaluation and coaching competences.

How to unleash your inner coach was recorded in September - October 2020.

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